Employers, we take your staffing needs seriously. We invest the time to understand your specific needs, culture and hiring policy. Then we go to work to do what we do best – make a great fit between your business and our top-notch candidates. We deliberately target a candidate pool that is often overlooked by both nonprofits and employers as having top potential. We financially invest in our employees and work with a limited number at a time to ensure success. As a company we are committed to getting our employees off of government aid and oversight. We are transparent with you about each candidate and we will not recommend one that does not fit your hiring policy or your comfort level. Authority Staffing offers temp-to-hire, and direct-hire placements through our retainer program that can save you time and money if you have consistent hiring needs throughout the year. We’re also here to help you hang onto employees that are at risk of being terminated. We save you money by identifying each employee’s issues upfront and addressing those needs behind the scenes so that you can focus on growing your business. All of this increases the chances for our employees to convert to your payroll, or your employees becoming competitive team players, benefiting the employee, the employer and the community at large. Call today!